In the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become important to maintain the social distance between people.

However, it is very difficult to control the social distance between people in many small / medium enterprises that provide intensive services.

At this point, the importance of queue management systems emerges.

However, for many small businesses, queue management systems are expensive, difficult to manage, and require equipment to purchase.

To meet the queue management needs of small businesses, we have developed a Serverless Android based queue management system that does not require any physical installation.

A system that does not require any equipment other than a TV for an information screen and a terminal to receive a queue ticket. The whole system works over mobile internet or Wi-Fi without using any cables.

Our queue management system is priced according to the “Software as a service” model. At any time when you are not satisfied, you can cancel your subscription. In this respect, it does not require any initial investment such as the purchase of a license

If you are interested in our Serverless Queue Management system, you can contact us via the contact form below.